World heritage

The Fertő Region World Heritage area is located between the Alps, the Carpathians and the Kisalföld region. This is where the plains of the Kisalföld end and the landscape emerges vertically. Here landscape-, flora- and fauna borders cross each other, the steppe lake and its surroundings are especially rich in flora and fauna. UNESCO listed Lake Fertő, the Fertő Region and its villages among world heritage sites in 2001. The following settlements belong to wold heritage on the Hungarian side: the whole area of the Fertő-Hanság National Park, Fertőrákos, Balf, Fertőboz, Nagycenk, Hidegség, Fertőhomok, Hegykő, Fertőszéplak, Fertőd (with the complete Eszterházy park), Sarród. The following settlements belong to wold heritage on the Austrian side: Seewinkel, Rust, Mörbisch, Oggau, Donnerskirchen, Purbach, Breitenbrunn, Winden am See, Jois, Neusiedl am See, Weiden am See, Podersdorf, Illmitz, Apetlon.


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